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Soft Cell – “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”

“I have a feeling,” I said to Mandeep, as we paused speculatively at the top of the glittering staircase, “that we are going to be tremendously successful in life.” Mandeep momentarily stopped glancing left and right and glared up at … Continue reading

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Killing Joke – “Let’s All Go (To The Fire Dances)”

Have you ever: Gone up the hill with a couple of mates, drunk several litres of Woodpecker and set fire to a bunch of stuff? Driven round a corner on a sunny Saturday afternoon into the middle of a full … Continue reading

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Japan – “Nightporter”

I first heard Nightporter whilst listening to the Top 40 on Radio 1 one Sunday evening. It was sandwiched incongruously between Supertramp and Dionne Warwick.  The elegant simplicity and lack of clutter in the sound created space in my head. … Continue reading

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Bryan Adams – “Summer Of ’69”

Not much is known about Canada. It lies to the north of the USA, shrouded in forests and sparsely populated. Its primary export is logs. Its people keep themselves to themselves, stoically going about their business in a quiet, undemonstrative … Continue reading

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A Guy Called Gerald – “Voodoo Ray”

Superficially, Belfast and Manchester have much in common – both former mill towns; magnificent Victorian architectural heritages squandered; city centres blown to bits by the IRA and latterly ‘rejuvenated’ with shopping centres;  rain every 20 minutes; a fair chance of … Continue reading

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Level 42 – “The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)”

Level 42 were enormously successful in the 1980s. I have not bothered to research them for this piece, and so the following is a mixture of half-remembered factoids and conjecture. As I recall, they hailed from the Isle of Man, … Continue reading

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Matt Bianco – “Dancing In The Street”

Notwithstanding geography, is Britain truly part of Europe? Or is does it stand aside, a child invited to the party but too petulant to really engage with the other kids? Is it slightly removed from les autres as a consequence … Continue reading

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