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This Mortal Coil – “Song to the Siren”

I often find it takes me years to ‘get’ music, but I loved this when it was released, and it has been a favourite ever since, surviving its inevitable inclusion on soundtracks and adverts. But then the whole concept of the … Continue reading

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Killing Joke – “Let’s All Go (To The Fire Dances)”

Have you ever: Gone up the hill with a couple of mates, drunk several litres of Woodpecker and set fire to a bunch of stuff? Driven round a corner on a sunny Saturday afternoon into the middle of a full … Continue reading

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Abba – “The Day Before You Came”

Although Abba will be forever associated with Eurovision cheesiness and sequined kitsch, their output is actually a strange mixture of naff and eerily beautiful.  Away from the hen-night end of the spectrum, they are responsible for some surprisingly bleak lyrics … Continue reading

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